Traditional tech hackathons are typically 2-3 days and based on focussed "macho" short cycle prototype development. Our vision for HTL is so much more than this. We want to create a relaxing, and recharging environment for all participants - the perfect cure for pandemic induced disconnects. This will include lots opportunities to derive inspiration from the rich surrounding area, either as part of informally organised guided activities or under your own steam. We want to make the whole event enjoyable for technologists, and anyone they choose to accompany them.

Sustainability: two communities benefit

The event isn't however solely focussed on technology and technologists, the other primary objectives is to make a sustainable contribution to local rural communities in Cumbria.

We will do this by:

  • Using Hack the Lakes to produce positive tech contributions and externalities in the three key areas of: supporting sustainable local communities, traditional industries and minimising negative impacts of tourism.

  • Leveraging our activities and long term presence to produce spin-off infrastructure and sustainable economic benefits.

  • Mindfully ensuring all of our activities have a controlled and beneficial environmental footprint, both appreciating and contributing to the richness of the natural local environment.

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