For 2022 we have use of a 10-acre site for informal camping for up to 4 weeks, and this will be the HQ for the event. It has WiFi, electricity, toilets, and showers as well as a covered space to work together and create. Onsite accommodation will be based on bringing your own tent and camping on the site.

Looking ahead, if we do run a full event in 2023, and with advance booking we should be able to to provide a range of accommodation from "bunkhouse" shared facilities through to family holiday cottages in the locality.


Good connectivity is key to any tech event and, when we started planning this event, a key driving factor were the advanced plans that  B4RN  had to provide symmetric Gigabit fibre broadband to the area. Sadly, late last year, it became clear that this has been scuppered by DCMS who have withdrawn the Project Gigabit voucher support for the area and placed it into the first round regional procurement.

We won't have B4RN connectivity either at all, or until 2023 at the earliest if the area is re-established as a Voucher Priority Area in summer 2022. If this doesn't happen then we will likely have to buy Internet transit for the site on an Openreach EAD tail. This shouldn't be too difficult or expensive as there is BT fibre in ducting that runs across one corner of the site. It is however, unlike B4RN, a fairly serious expense for which we would need to obtain outside sponsorship or donations.

For the informal meets in 2022, we have two 80/20 FTTC circuits and a Starlink terminal onsite which will provide adequate connectivity for a handful of people hacking in a field. The Starlink should be interesting to work with as it may be the only connectivity which is available in the deployment environment for some of the rural technology we may be working on. Static IP addresses and local server hardware are available (both legacy "big" Intel hypervisors, and low power ARM devices).

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